4320 Dale Blvd
Dale City, VA
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We are so happy that you have taken this time to visit with us. Freedom Fellowship Church is a non-denominational Christian community of believers that is committed to sharing God's love with all people regardless of race, ethnicity, or background.  We believe that every Christian church has a distinct purpose to advance God's kingdom plan to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, to meet the needs of the less fortunate, and to influence the communities we are called to serve.  We continue to pray and believe that God is leading people like you to become a part of our family so that "we" can move mountains together. 

Here at FFC you will experience:
- Freedom to belong.  We meet you where you are at, then grow from there.
- Freedom to grow in your true identity in Christ promoting Christian character and conduct.
- Freedom to experience life-giving relationships with God and with people.
- Freedom from life-destroying issues brought on by sinful habits, addictions and cultural
- Freedom to make a difference in community change that impacts lives for God's glory.
- Freedom to cross ethical boundaries home and abroad in the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Week at FFC...

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