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Our Mission: 
To encounter The Father's Love, Through Jesus Christ!                                    
To discover our identity in Jesus!
To be Equipped and Released to Fulfill our mission of  Bringing Heaven to Earth!
How We Accomplish this Mission:                                
P artnering with parents; the primary influence in their children's lives.
L avishing love and affection on each child.                           
A dvancing God’s kingdom through prayer and testimony of the Goodness of God.                       
N urturing and coaching children into a personal, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.
T eaching children with a Biblical worldview and Godly perspective on creation.   
For Parents / Guardians: 
Meeting Times & Check In / Check Out:
• Sunday, 10:30am - Worship Service
Children remain with their parents during the first half of our worship service to learn to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, to witness God's power and care through the testimonies of His people, and to give cheerfully, not under compulsion, of their own fruits.
• Sunday, 11:15am - Children's Church (LifeSavers)
Following our time of corporate worship through song, the service Host or children’s ministry teacher will call the children to the front of the sanctuary for prayer. Once they have prayed they will be escorted to their meeting area.  Children meet in the Multi-Purpose section of the building where they learn how to use their Bibles, study the Scripture to know Jesus more fully, engage in interactive conversations and the acting out of lessons to cement bible truths in their hearts, and pray to experience the Holy Spirit more fully and see Him move in our midst.
Student Information and Release Form:
At your earliest convenience, please fill out a student information and release form and bring it with your children the first time they participate in the Children’s Church Hour. This form gives the teacher important information about your child, including allergies, authorized pick-up persons, and any special condition(s) (medical or otherwise) we should be aware of. 
If Service Runs Over:
We are lovers of the Holy Spirit and are in no way in control of Him. Sometimes, as the Spirit leads, service runs over. In the event that this does happen and service has not ended by 12:30 your children will be brought back into the sanctuary and released back to their parent or guardian.
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