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Men's Ministry
Women's Ministry
CORE (Small Groups)
Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities

Budget & Finance Ministry

Description: The Church Budget and Finance ministry is responsible for the overall financial stewardship of our Churches resources.  The goal is to structure a faith budget that allows for ministries to do their part in cooperation with the vision of FFC to advance the kingdom of God in our community and abroad.  Trustworthy volunteers are always needed to count the weekly tithes and offerings after services and makes deposit.  All who serve in this ministry must be faithful in tithes and offerings.

Time commitment: 1 hour each month.

Ministry Leader - LaVorn Scarbrough, Janice Tabron

Church/Staff Administration Ministry

Description: The primary responsibilities of the Church /Staff administration is to take care of the administrative needs as assigned by the Sr. Pastor.  When time permits services will be provided to other Staff personnel and Church wide services as needed and prioritized.  If you desire to use your gifts and talents in serving in this ministry please contact Ministry leader.  We are always looking for writers, editors, graphic artists, etc.

Ministry Leader - Jessica Vinson

Children's Church Ministry (Elementary Grades)

Description: This is an exciting ministry that is always growing.  The goal of Children's ministry is to be a thriving year round ministry which includes but not limited to, Children's CORE (active weekly Bible study), Summer programs and outings, and Sunday Bible study during Sunday school hour and Worship service.   

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week preparation, then 1 hour on Sunday morning.  Teacher's teach on a rotational basis, once per month.

Ministry Leader - Horace Vinson


C.O.R.E. Ministry

Description:  CORE is a ministry where the focus is, Caring, Others, Relationships and Evangelism.  This ministry allows for small groups to meet in homes and at Church throughout the week.  This ministry provides an opportunity for the intimacy to be enhanced at the small unit level.  A small group CORE provider must be able to exercise hospitality as well as being able to facilitate the meeting. 

Time Commitment: 2 hours per week (not including preparation time).

Ministry Leader - Pastor Kurt W. Wallace

Facilities Ministry

Description: Provides general maintenance for the over care of the building to include small construction projects.  

Time commitment: 1-2 hour per week.

Ministry Leader, send inquiries to: VACANT

Greeting Ministry

Description:  Greeter's have the first opportunity to represent our church family.  Greeters are to welcome all Church family and guests whenever the Church doors are open (when possible).  Must have a cheerful personality and excellent hygiene.

Time commitment: 2 hours each month.

Ministry Leader: Jimmy Brown

Hospitality Ministry

Description: Responsible for events and activities such as, Church Anniversary, picnics, holiday parties, etc, which compliments the personality of our Church family.  The goal is as always to reach our family, friends and neighbors through every encounter.  Volunteers can expect to be involved in leading and coordinating an event, decorating, providing meals for benevolence to those who are sick and or shut-in as requested by our CORE Community leaders.

Time commitment:  2 hours per month but may vary depending on event.

Ministry Leader - send inquiries to: Erin Mainey

Intecessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer is simply to pray on behalf of other people. Prayer is the most potent force known to humanity. Because we have been made partakers in Jesus' victory over sin and death (1 John 4:4), we have the authority as sons and daughters of God to pray for others, pushing back the darkness of sin and oppression. In prayer, we have a weapon that has "divine power to destroy strongholds" (2 Corinthians 10:4). 

Time committment: 1 hour weekly.

Ministry Leader - Maureen Blackburn 

Men's Ministry

Description: Development of men to fear and love God by growing in character and commitment as a husband, father, and community leader and to mentor young boys and young men to reach their God given potential.  This ministry is vital to the health of our Church family.  The goal is to get every man connected.

Time commitment: 4 hour monthly.

Ministry Leader - Pastor Kurt Wallace

Nursery Ministry

Description: To provide care for our babies and toddlers by providing an atmosphere that is warm, loving and clean.  Nursery volunteers must be gentle and caring.  In addition, our goal is to connect with every parent/guardian of nursery children in order to serve their little ones better and to grow in healthy relationships connecting moms and dads.  Nursery volunteers are always needed during Sunday school and service times.

Time commitment: 1 hour for Sunday school once a month and 2 hours for Sunday service once a month.

Ministry Leader -  Horace & Jessica Vinson

Outreach / Evangelism Ministry

Description: The goal is to build unity within the FFC family by establishing an atmosphere and environment that becomes the culture.  Every ministry should grow through healthy outreach and evangelism, therefore it is our goal to work with every ministry to grow and participate to this end.  It's not only "what we are, but what we do."  "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Rm. 5:8). 

Time commitment: 2 hours per month, but may depending on event.

Ministry Leader, send inquiries to: VACANT

Sunday School (Adult) Ministry

Description: Opportunity for those with a teaching gift to colabor with the church elder's to equipp God's people in an understanding and development of God's word.  The teacher's goal is not to impart for head knowledge but to bring forth change.  Outreach is to adults, sr. teens, and guests.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours in study and preparation, then the 1 hour on Sunday morning.   Teacher's teach on a rotational basis.

For more info contact Pastor Tom


Sunday School (Youth) Ministry

Description: This ministry is in trial stage where we are combining the older teen Bible study with the Adult Sunday School.  the goal is to facilitate more spiritual communication with teens and adults and prepare to be able to be able to communicate with confidence with they go off to college and or the work force. 

Time commitment: for facilitators (1-2 hours weekly), may require more preparation time.

Ministry Leader:  VACANT


Sunday School (Middle School) Ministry

Description: Teach and equip our young people ages 11-15 for life long service.  Must have a love for children.  Focus is on Godly character and development.  Mentoring is a must.  Outreach is to students and families. 

Time commitment: 1-2 hours preparation and outreach.

Ministry Leaders - VACANT

Sunday School (Preschool) Ministry

Description:  Must have a love for young people ages 3-5.  Must exhibit patience and the ability to teach and build character.  Must be gifted to train young people to worship and live for God.

Time commitment: 1 -2 hour preparation and outreach, then one hour on Sunday morning.  Teachers teach minimally once a month.

Ministry Leader - send inquiries to: Horace & Jessica Vinson

Women's Ministry

Description: Provides outreach to women (single and married).  This is a ministry of equipping and well as fellowship.  The goal is to bond and build intimacy.  Meet's monthly.  This ministry is vital for building healthy growing relationships with the women of FFC, friends, family and community. 

Time commitment:  1-2 per month.

Ministry Leader - Suzanne Wallace

Worship Facilitation & Multi-Media (Sound Board)

Description: The goal of the worship ministry is to facilitate a church-wide spirit filled atmosphere which invites every believer to corporately participate in bringing glory to God through singing, prophesies, testimonies, etc.  FFC uses the "band" style of music ministry.  It is our goal to diversify our song selections to connect with our diverse culture. The goal is unity as we worship our Lord and Savior. 

Our multimedia department operates a 24 channel Mackie sound board, Easy Worship, Power Points, and other tools to further facilitate the worship service.  Other responsibilities include duplicating CD's/tapes for those serving during the preaching/teaching time and those who request copies of messages as well as posting sermons on the web-site. 

Time Commitment: 2.5 hours

More Details - Click here to find out more about out Mission and Purpose as a Team

Ministry Leaders:  Tiffany Brown

Multimedia - Chris Ryder