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Kurt W. Wallace, pastor, teacher and author

It is my passion for everyone to have a correct understanding of Godís plan for healing and to know how to line up with what He is doing.  This begins with a right relationship with Jesus Christ.  For those who know Him, this effects how we should pray according to Godís will and His working.

My book Understanding Healing shares my story of Godís healing providence in my life and how I have to trust the Lord every day.  In addition, I have had to counsel countless people with the sickness and even at times death of loved ones.  I also have seen how people have abused Godís word and caused people to discredit and even lose faith because of bad doctrine.  It is important to walk in truth and light as He is in the light.


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Professional and Educational background:

Pastor Kurt is a Liberty graduate with a Masters in Religion.  Devoted to developing church leaders, and sound biblical counseling.  He is also a retired Marine who grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey.  He is married to his wife, Suzanne of twenty-nine years.  Together they have two children, both married, and three grandchildren.  

Hereís what others are saying:

Books on healing always get my attention. As a family we have known something of God's power and love. Our son at the age of 16 was diagnosed with a rare cancer at the back of his eye. This challenge took us into the scriptures in a new way. Today 10 years on our son is healthy and very much alive.  This book is practical, filled with scripture and very honest. It doesn't seek to avoid the complexities or difficulties around healing but it brings hope and faith based on the word of God and the Spirit of God.  The declaration of scriptures (many are included in the appendix) and regular prayer together with the support of God's people combined with good medical help gave us breakthrough. My prayer is that there will be stories of healing that accompany this book.

- Stuart Bell, Senior Pastor of Alive Church and Leader of the Ground Level Network, England

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For public speaking engagements email: info@ffcministries.com
For book signings email: Pastorkurt@comcast.net

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