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CORE Groups

CORE (small groups) is a ministry of Freedom Fellowship Church.  The goal of this ministry is ultimately discipleship through a focus of Caring, Others, Relationships and Evangelism. 

This ministry allows small groups to meet in homes and at church throughout the week.  CORE provides an opportunity to study God’s word in an intimate setting on a small group level.  A small group CORE leader must be able to exercise hospitality as well as being able to facilitate the meeting.      

The CORE focus is 

Care (2 Tim 2:15)
Others (Matt 18:12)
Relationships (Prov 18:24)
Evangelism (Lk 10:2)

CORE GROUP - Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.!

We meet weekly. Click on the calendar to see this 

week's location.


If you need anything at all please contact your CORE leaders listed below. 

•    Chris Ryder, 703.362.2766 

•    Shannon Ryder, 703.505.8323 

•    Pastor Horace, 703.595.9321 

•    Jessica Vinson, 703.200.6678 

Men's Ministry


To develop Godly men of integrity whose love for God and His purposes compels us to live a life in Christ that reflects changed lives personally, home and abroad. We strive to work toward this by focusing on four "E's" Encouraging, Equipping, Engaging, and Encountering. Let’s be strong and courageous as men and sons of God!


To make it our aim that NO man falls through the crack


  1. Advocate and promote Bible study and small group participation. 

  2. Get every man involved in a ministry in the local church. 

  3. Develop a heart for missions and evangelism. 

  4. Strive to be examples of integrity and commitment in serving the Lord. 

  5. Identify our gifts and develop them for the benefit of the church and the community.


Women's Ministry
"LAFF" The Ladies at Freedom Fellowship


  • Is to meet the needs of ladies by building loving, mentoring relationships, so that no woman walks alone.

  • We aim to nurture ladies to become extraordinary kingdom builders for God by introducing them to Jesus Christ, equipping them with God’s word, encouraging them to walk in victory by God’s power, and teaching them to use their spiritual gifts and talents to serve others.

Ladies of all ages and stages in life are welcome and encouraged to use their gifts and talents as we build one another up in the love of Christ.

The Ladies at Freedom Fellowship “LAFF” currently meet quarterly on the 3rd Saturday throughout the year, normally at the Freedom Fellowship Church building.

However, we occasionally mix things up a bit by meeting at a local eatery, or with a  movie night, or a pool party at someone's home.

At least once a year we try to incorporate a retreat or a conference away from the normal routine.



Our Mission: 

To encounter The Father's Love, Through Jesus Christ!                                    

To discover our identity in Jesus!

To be Equipped and Released to Fulfill our mission of  Bringing Heaven to Earth!


How We Accomplish this Mission:


artnering with parents; the primary influence in their children's lives.

avishing love and affection on each child.                    

dvancing God’s kingdom through prayer and testimony of the Goodness of God.                       

urturing and coaching children into a personal, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

eaching children with a Biblical worldview and Godly perspective on creation.   



For Parents / Guardians: 

Meeting Times & Check In / Check Out:


• Sunday, 10:30am - Worship Service
Children remain with their parents during the first half of our worship service to learn to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, to witness God's power and care through the testimonies of His people, and to give cheerfully, not under compulsion, of their own fruits.


• Sunday, 11:15am - Children's Church (LifeSavers)
Following our time of corporate worship through song, the service Host or children’s ministry teacher will call the children to the front of the sanctuary for prayer. Once they have prayed they will be escorted to their meeting area.  Children meet in the Multi-Purpose section of the building where they learn how to use their Bibles, study the Scripture to know Jesus more fully, engage in interactive conversations and the acting out of lessons to cement bible truths in their hearts, and pray to experience the Holy Spirit more fully and see Him move in our midst.


Student Information and Release Form:

At your earliest convenience, please fill out a student information and release form and bring it with your children the first time they participate in the Children’s Church Hour. This form gives the teacher important information about your child, including allergies, authorized pick-up persons, and any special condition(s) (medical or otherwise) we should be aware of. 



If Service Runs Over:

We are lovers of the Holy Spirit and are in no way in control of Him. Sometimes, as the Spirit leads, service runs over. In the event that this does happen and service has not ended by 12:30 your children will be brought back into the sanctuary and released back to their parent or guardian.


Youth Ministry

 Our vision for youth ministry is to make disciples who make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). We are inspired by Dare 2 Share and encourage all parents and teens to check out their resources!

Middle and high school students have separate gatherings Sunday mornings at 9:15am. (Adults and children also meet separately at that time – something for the entire family!)       

We are committed to helping students know who God is, who they are as His sons and daughters,  learn to study His Word and apply it to their lives, and reach the world around them with the love and truth of Jesus. We also seek to equip parents with resources to help navigate the teen years with a biblical worldview.


Ready on Arrival Program (ROA)

Freedom Fellowship Church’s Ready on Arrival Program (ROA) guides you through your pregnancy so you are prepared to welcome your child into the world.

Freedom Fellowship Church (FFC) is a ministry partner of Life First located in Manassas and Woodbridge, Virginia.

FFC has made it a priority to support the Life First in the support for life. It is our goal to train women and men for parenting. This training consists of 12 classes that equip women and men for a meaningful life of parenting. We share with women and men this service at no cost.

All classes are held at Freedom Fellowship Church and is open to all women and men in our community regardless of race, ethnicity. FFC is committed to sharing the love of Christ and building strong families through our ROA program. Life First is not responsible for the oversight or content of the ROA program.

Meets every other Thursday
6:30—7:30 PM @ 4320 Dale Blvd., Woodbridge, VA 22193

For more information contact us at 

email us at or phone us at 703.878.4320

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