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Church Gathering UPdate Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Church Gathering update amid coronavirus


What Steps Has Freedom Taken?

Our building has been deep cleaned and sanitized. We have made changes to our safety procedures based on guidance from the CDC, updates to mandates from our Governor, and recommendations from our OneFocus church network and have trained and equipped our volunteers and leadership team to create a safe and welcoming environment. We have clearly spaced seating to help facilitate social distancing recommendation.

What you can expect.

Upon arriving someone from our greeting team will greet. You will be invited to join us in the lobby for fellowship or in the sanctuary for worship. Before joining us, If you have a temperature at or above 100° we ask that you enjoy the worship service from home until your temperature decreases.














• You will have access to two exits upon leaving the service. These will be clearly marked as you prepare to leave the building.

• Mask wearing is at the discretion of each person or family and we have masks available for those who did not bring one but would like to wear one.

• We have stations for sanitizing hands

• Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the service. Enjoy some refreshments and fellowship time prior to joining us for service. 

• Access to restrooms are available and bathrooms will be wiped down before and after service.


Freedom LifeSavers (Children’s Ministry)

• We have temporarily suspending children’s ministry but are currently working to reestablish this vital ministry of our church. Children are welcomed in the service, but will need to stay with their parents. 

• We have a space available for nursing mothers.

Be Encouraged!

    We know the last two years have been full of adjustments. Please know that we are praying for you. We will keep you informed as we make appropriate changes and pull together resources and tools to protect, continue to connect, and help meet needs as they arrive in the Freedom Family. We want to personally encourage you to use this time to be refreshed, stay safe, practice wisdom, and to not lose hope in our great God.


    Stay tuned to all of our Social Media outlets for more updates. 

Pastor Kurt & Suzanne Wallace 

Pastor Horace & Jessica Vinson​

& The Leadership Team     

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